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Amethyst Botanical Smudge Stick

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Vibrant Souls Amethyst Botanical Smudge Stick is 100% handmade right here in Perth, Western Australia, with love and care. It is the matriarch of our smudge range. Each Amethyst Botanical Smudge Stick contains Lavender and White Sage (both of which are organically grown and sustainably wild-harvested).

Our Botanical Smudge Sticks have preserved dried roses as the main flower variation, accompanied by other dried seasonal flowers. All the flowers we incorporate are sourced with a preference towards being organic or unsprayed and wherever possible grown locally.

To give a little more excitement, we’ve added a natural, raw 8cm (approx.) long Amethyst Point Crystal. Crystal energy is drawn into the Smudge through an Amethyst crystal placed upon the smudge bundle so you may both, draw on the power of amethyst for serenity and composure, and channel and project your intentions through your thumb to empower the centre of the smudge.

  • Approximate Size:  25cm long, 12cm wide at top & 3.5cm wide at bottom