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Chalie Bear Elmer

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Size: (43cm)

ELMER is a really unusual looking panda and we think he is great!

The fur on his arms, legs and ears are made from a soft and dense fur that has lots of reddish brown tipping, but the distinguishing feature is the fur on his body and head, that has a really woolly look to it and makes you want to give him a hug to see how it feels. This is a rich buttermilk colour, so is a great contrast to the rest of the fur and his panda teardrop markings are a mix of grey and the reddish brown.
He also has a small, grey hand-stitched nose, sculpted and stitched paws, a fluffy grey ruff round his neck, that also has tipping and he wears a key pendant on a knotted cord.

All in all, he is an unusual bear that will get everyone talking about his fur....... do you want to be the proud owner?

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.