Cutesy Wootsy Sebastian the Bunny ultra large security blanket Luxe Gift & Decor

Cutesy Wootsy Sebastian the Bunny ultra large security blanket

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Overall size is 70 x 70 cm and can hang elegantly on the wall as a nursery decor piece creating a warm, relaxed ambience in the room for baby to enter earth side. As baby grows, it's ideal for company in the pram, car seat, tummy time until snuggling on the lounge and getting dragged around on adventures & curled up with to sleep. 


Our Bunny with the star print loves playing with the local crabs, earning its name Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. "Cutesy Wootsy" Sebastian the Bunny, a jumbo security blanket, features your baby's very own sweet, adorable, loving bunny, attached to a blanket. This allows precious comfort and company for your little one on their day trips, either out in the pram or traveling in the car.

Feel free to take your 'Cutesy Wootsy' anywhere you go. Its gentle machine wash in a wash bag and dry on the clothesline makes it easy if, who am I kidding, WHEN your little one spits up some milk or worst still the inevitable, unfortunate incident that defies gravity and gravitates to anything white, cream or of importance.

These precious little gems also have the ability to hang effortlessly and elegantly as a nursery decor piece on the wall in the younger months and I guarantee their presence is continuously infectious and radiates love right through to snuggles and settling to sleep as toddlers.


I look forward to 'Cutesy Wootsy' being your baby's adorable, special companion for years to come, with its incredibly comfortable and memorable cuddles.