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Happy Mind Kit

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Vibrant Souls Happy Mind Kit is a simple all-in-one collection for those wanting to chill and relax. Use as a special pamper for yourself or close friend to calm the mind and soul reaching a serene tranquility.

The components of the Happy Mind Kit are comprised of our Palo Santo Smudge Stick, Tranquility Spa Cup Candle, Amethyst Tumbled Crystal, all elegantly wrapped in a beautiful ribboned box.

We recommend completing your smudging with a Crystal Energy Smudging Fan and Lavish Smudge Bowl with Black Sand

Smudging has many positive uses to empower and cleanse any space or within ceremonies. Waft and push smudge smoke, incense or cleansing spray into otherwise unreachable or missed areas to be cleansed.

You can use smudging to sweep a person’s aura during a ritual, ceremony or prayer, wash away the bad and channel the good. Simply fan the smudge to discharge and expel harming influences. Always listen to your inner knowing (instinct or gut feelings) you will know when it is time to clear yourself or your space.

Spatial smudging and cleansing can be completed anytime. Do it as you feel the need, sense a shift in energy, or want to reprogram your space.

Aura cleansing for your soul can also be done whenever you feel inclined, however, we do recommend you make this a part of your weekly routine.