iKou Essential Oil Ground & Balance
iKou Essential Oil Ground & Balance

iKou Essential Oil Ground & Balance

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Ground & Balance Essential Oil

Cardamom, Cedarwood, Orange


Are you feeling disconnected with “you”?

Want to reconnect the balance between mind and body- get out of your head and into your heart?

This one is for you, and one of our favourite iKOU essential oil blends. It smells divine, and is a perfectly balanced blend to transform the way you feel.

  • The woody notes of Cardamom, Cedarwood and Patchouli ground you during feelings of flightiness.
  • Orange is also called the “no worries” oil, and reminds us it will all be okay.
  • The Ylang Ylang connects with feelings of inner joy and your soft feminine side to release and let go of responsibility and connect with self love.
  • The exotic inclusion of Frankincense essential oil deepens the breath to release anxiety.


  • Feeling overwhelmed or anxious
  • Feeling disconnected between mind and body
  • Want to “switch off” from responsibility and enjoy life
  • Seeking balance  emotions of strength & softness

Organic Italian Orange Oil, Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Frankincense