iKou Essential Oil Tranquil Heart

iKou Essential Oil Tranquil Heart

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Tranquil Heart Essential Oil


Feel like you need a big hug or some nurturing comfort?

This soothing, rosey 100% pure essential oil blend is the one for you!

Picked by hand in the early morning, it takes over 30 mature roses to produce a single drop of precious pure rose essential oil. Rose is strongly linked to the feelings of the heart.

It has been researched to calm the nerves, soothe feelings of anger and anxiety and comfort in times of sorrow. Blended with rose geranium and palmarosa to harmonise with the intentions of the pure rose oil to soothe the soul.


  • Need some quiet reflection and comfort.
  • Want to create a sacred space.
  • Are feeling sadness or loss.
  • Are worn out from having to be resilient and strong.


Diffuse in an iKOU Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser. Add desired amount of oil drops to water in diffuser chamber. Can also dilute into a base carrier oil to apply to skin for aromatherapy benefits or massage.