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Palo Santo Smudge Stick

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At the core of our, Palo Santo Smudge is a Palo Santo Stick (holy wood) for therapeutic cleansing. This is embodied in a floral blend of Lavender, Rose, White Sage, Bay Leaves and other flowers depending on the season. The smudge bundle is sealed and energized with a mini Amethyst Point for metamorphic change, composure, and serenity.

When a Palo Santo Smudge is burnt, the rich smoke delivers medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Traditionally, it was burnt by Incas, Shamans and Medicine people for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing.

Lavender and Rose are the perfect complementary elements for promoting calmness, love, and relaxation. Working in harmony they bind, clear and enrich the whole body, from the crown to root chakra, allowing a full holistic flow of energy.

Bay Leaves are used for remembrance, to associate your intentions and emotions with the mind’s eye. This implants the soul’s desire and smudges power for you to call on whenever or wherever you need. At the same time these are infused to your open chakras.

White Sage is the undertone, bringing the spice of purification, strength, and protection. It works to bind the heart chakras, promote your inner intent and cast away anything unwanted for you and your space.

Crystal energy is drawn into the Palo Santo Smudge through an Amethyst crystal placed upon the smudge bundle. Place your thumb on the amethyst crystal as your smudge, draw on the power of serenity and composure, channel and project your intentions to empower the center of the smudge.

Approximate Size: 12cm long & 3.5cm wide

Packaging Option: Natural or Boxed

We recommend completing your smudging with a Crystal Energy Smudging Fan and Lavish Smudge Bowl with Black Sand

Smudging has many positive uses to empower and cleanse any space or within ceremonies. Waft and push smudge smoke, incense or cleansing spray into otherwise unreachable or missed areas to be cleansed.

You can use smudging to sweep a person’s aura during a ritual, ceremony or prayer, wash away the bad and channel the good. Simply fan the smudge to discharge and expel harming influences. Always listen to your inner knowing (instinct or gut feelings) you will know when it is time to clear yourself or your space.

Spatial smudging and cleansing can be completed anytime. Do it as you feel the need, sense a shift in energy, or want to reprogram your space.

Aura cleansing for your soul can also be done whenever you feel inclined, however, we do recommend you make this a part of your weekly routine.