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Vibrant Souls Enchanting Soy Candle Jar – Sensuality 

Jasmine and Red Jasper – used to induce sexual desire and restore the mental, emotional and physical responses necessary for sexual arousal.

Jasmine is commonly used to treat sexual dysfunction (in women, the inability to enjoy sexual contact or to achieve orgasm. In men, the same two conditions as well as the difficulty in achieving or maintaining erection and lack of ejaculation). This unique fragrance is capable of leading us into brighter worlds of fantasy and sensuality.

Red Jasper Crystal which works on your base chakra, awakening desires deep within. This stone invigorates the libido and prolongs sexual excitement. It energizes and cleanses the sexual chakras and its related organs. This stone is especially useful for increasing virility in men. Red Jasper can help ignite passionate love. These stones will increase sex drive, enhance sensitivity and increase intimacy and trust in your relationship.