Vibrant Souls Crystal Cleansing Mist

Vibrant Souls Crystal Cleansing Mist

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Vibrant Souls Crystal Cleansing Mist is a simple and beautiful way to cleanse the Aura of a person or space while revitalising and uplifting their energy. Beautifully boxed it makes for an elegant gift for both men and women.

Feeling tired, grumpy, moody, clogged, blocked, sad or aggravated, then liberally spray your Crystal Cleansing Mist over yourself, throughout the area or anywhere where you have a sense of negative energy hanging around to expel it.

Cleansing and purifying your home, your space and your aura regularly is an energetic necessity for maintaining your well-being.  Use on or around your body, as a room spray, on your yoga mats, in the car, on your pillow or linens at work and anywhere else you desire to clear energy.

Handmade at Vibrant Souls, your Cleansing Mist is uniquely crafted. Infused with 5 different essential oils including Clary Sage, and enhanced with a carefully selected assortment of beautiful chips of srystals. Uplifted with a piece of Palo Santo and then Blessed and Sealed with Reiki Energy to support your mind, body & spirit with love.

If a fuller and more effective or ritual cleansing are what you are after then consider using your Crystal Cleansing Mist with our smudging products.

  • Size: 100ml glass spray bottle