Leopard cool bag luxe gift and decor
Leopard cool bag luxe gift and decor
Leopard cool bag luxe gift and decor

Yvonne Cool Clutch (Leopard) Insulated Lunch Bags Handbag Cooler bags

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My beautiful sister is called Yvonne and I love her beyond words so when I saw this gorgeous Leopard patterned Cool Clutch I knew she had to be called Yvonne as I loved her beyond words too! The name Yvonne is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “yew wood”. This to me conjures up visions of youthful but strong and although my sister is 6 years older than me that is exactly how I see her. Like our Dad, forever youthful and definitely strong; it must be a family trait.

The Yvonne Cool Clutch is 20cm high and easily holds 2 bottles of wine or bubbles. This Cool Clutch has an insulated interior and waterproof aluminum foil lining. With an 8mm insulation it will keep its contents cooler or warmer than the ambient temperature for hours whilst you’re out – between 4 and 8 hours depending on the exterior temperature.

A generous outside side pocket you can still carry a small purse, your keys, phone or even your lipstick. However, we do suggest popping your lipstick inside your Cool Clutch to avoid it melting in hot weather or room.
Whether you want to carry your bottle of wine or your lunch, your Cool Clutch will keep its cool whilst looking extremely stylish.

Other possible uses;

  • Keep 2 bottles of wine cool until you get to your BYO restaurant or event
  • Take your lunch to work
  • Pop in a bottle of wine and some cheese to your next picnic
  • Express breast milk before you leave so that is still warm when you get to the shops
  • Keep your make-up from melting
  • Pop in a wet foldable umbrella for storage during your visit and easy access when you leave
  • Carry medication with class and secrecy