Bracelet Turquoise Crystal Set

Bracelet Turquoise Crystal Set

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Beautifully designed crystal point bracelets gift sets. Each set is made from semi precious stones, pearls & crystal rondelles and includes a natural energy amplifier to encourage the healing properties of the stone. The set includes a crystal point bracelet and an eco friendly bamboo jewellery tray, presented in a gift box with gold foiling.

A wonderful gift for a friend or family member, or even for those that love crystals.

6 designs are available:

  • Rose quartz - The Love Stone - I am worthy of it all.
  • Turquoise - The Healing Stone - All is tranquil in my world.
  • Amethyst - The Stone of Protection - I trust my intuition and listen to my inner voice
  • Blue Adventurine - The stone of inner strength - Strong is Beautiful
  • Fossil agate - The Calming Stone - I stand firmly in my sense of self
  • Indian agate - The Stone of Eternity - You are magnificent.