Selenite Heart 8cm
Selenite Heart 8cm

Selenite Heart 8cm

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Earth Saltz Selenite Heart 8cm

Positivity – Cleanser – Protector – Healer 

Selenite is an extremely powerful crystal with multiple beneficial properties. Selenite is a high vibration crystal assisting you in opening your crown chakra and connecting with your spirit guides and angels. 

Selenite also is protective crystal which removes and defends negative energy and spirits, whilst it increases the positive energy within your home. Selenite will protect you against the bad and bring you the good in life. 

Selenite is also a high cleansing crystal which cleanses existing crystals you have by removing the negative energy they hold. Thus helps increase the power of you crystals by allowing them to rejuvenate. 

The Selenite heart is stylish and trendy which will cleanse and rejuvenate any crystals next to it. Add to your already existing crystal collection with the eye catching selenite heart. Absorb all these wonderful properties to benefit your health and wellbeing in everyday life. 

Diameter: 8cm